It had been a whirlwind week, beginning in Hollywood, Florida for the annual International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) Retreat and then back home to Minnesota where I participated in the Second Annual Black Men’s Legacy Summit in North Minneapolis. Fatigue tried to creep in but was washed away as I was buoyed by the passion, resolve, enthusiasm, and energy of Summit attendees, speakers, special guests, and vendor partners.

Nearly 200 people came and went throughout the day. Business executives, political leaders, faith leaders, community resource partners, state agencies, health professionals, and others shared actionable steps that attendees could carry forward and begin to build the personal and professional life they envision for themselves.

I’m thankful to have been invited to host a resource table, present information on the basics of franchise ownership, and discuss opportunities for entrepreneurship. As I reflect on the day and the engaging conversations I had, a few themes resonate with me:

1. Although entrepreneurship remains a highly desired and fully charged proposition, it is easy to get stuck in first gear because of uncertainty about where to begin and what is required.

2. Generational wealth is not just about leaving a legacy for our children, it’s about teaching them how to maintain that inherited wealth so they can continue to build on and carry forward the legacy.

3. The notion that ‘if I succeed, we all succeed’ is only realized when we share resources, knowledge, and opportunities with intention; through efforts and actions that empower and uplift others.

I look forward to continuing the many conversations initiated during our participation in the Summit. If you are a black man interested in learning more about how to strengthen your personal and financial positions, you will not want to miss the Third Annual Black Men’s Legacy Summit in 2024.

A photo of Larvel Bunker

About the Author

Larvel Bunker is a former multi-unit franchisee, and current owner and trusted advisor of Foursyght Franchise Consultants. Her passion is to help individuals soar into business ownership.