Buying a Franchise

Man and woman reviewing financial disclosure information

Foursyght will simplify the process, introduce you to quality franchises, and tell you what to expect and what is required in owning a franchise before you invest. Some Franchisors disclose earnings claims in their disclosure documents, but Foursyght cannot affirm the earnings claims for any respective franchise. However, we will guide you throughout the franchise search and due diligence process to ensure you receive multiple franchise options, get introduced to Franchisors, have all your questions answered, and get the information you need to make an informed decision.

You are highly encouraged to seek professional advice from a franchise lawyer, franchise accountant, or other qualified resource familiar with franchise purchase agreements. Foursyght is prohibited from advising on any part of the franchise purchase agreement, but we can provide referrals to professionals (Attorney, CPA, etc.) who can provide advice.

The Federal Trade Commission regulates the sale of franchises and business opportunities. You can contact them to ensure any company you are considering is in full compliance with the law. Your state may also have laws regarding franchises and business opportunities.

The following is a common franchise awarding process and Foursyght helps you every step of the way


Evaluate your financial readiness (i.e. credit score, funds to invest), skills, and personal goals. Seek advice from a franchise consultant.

Research and Selection

Work with a franchise consultant to research and match business options that meet your goals. Your consultant will schedule calls with franchise reps.


Begin the loan application process, if needed. Doing so will best position you to move forward on a franchise opportunity with confidence. Foursyght can offer referrals to qualified franchise industry professionals.

Review and Validate

Review the franchise disclosure document (FDD). Talk to current and former franchisees to validate the claims. Attend Discovery Day.


Verify all financial assets (liquid capital, loan, investor dollars, etc.) are finalized and adequate for the preferred franchise.

Due Dilligence

Seek advice from an experienced franchise law attorney and or CPA to review the franchise agreement before signing. Foursyght can offer referrals to qualified franchise industry professionals.

Franchise Awarded

Congratulations! The franchisor has decided to award the franchise and it has been accepted. The franchise agreement is signed and returned.