About Us

Photograph of Randy Bunker and Larvel Bunker

As former multi-unit franchise owners, we know the importance of understanding the associated costs, business structure, day-to-day functions and franchise expectations for ownership before making such an important investment. Through a combination of professional training, industry experience and a customized process, we’ll work together to formulate an action plan for your franchise search.

Foursyght Franchise Consultants (Foursyght) is a purpose-driven company where our purpose is to educate individuals about franchise opportunities and guide clients through the exploration and due diligence phases of becoming a franchise owner. We first seek to understand your goals and motivation by listening to you share your hopes and dreams regarding becoming a business owner.

How we work with you

After we’ve gathered pertinent information and aligned your personal experience and professional goals with ideal franchises, we’ll reach out to franchise companies on your behalf. That means no need to surf websites or request information with your fingers crossed that you’ll get a reply, let alone talk to a real person on the phone.

Foursyght is not an agent, employee, representative, or other functionary of the respective franchise(s) introduced to you. Instead, similar to how corporations pay executive recruiters or home sellers pay realtors to find a qualified candidate/buyer, franchise companies compensate us for helping them find franchise buyers. If you decide to purchase a franchise that Foursyght introduces you to, the franchise company pays us a pre-determined referral fee. 

Our experience and knowledge

Surely there are many franchises you’ve already heard of, but there are likely even more that you haven’t been exposed to. That’s where our experience and knowledge of the various business opportunities in today’s marketplace comes in clutch. Working with Foursyght will streamline your search for the franchise brand and business model that best aligns with your vision.